My Teaching

I’ve managed to teach in many different fields from Cross Cultural Communication, writing metric collection tools for software engineers, introduction to programming, Advanced C programming, Object Oriented Design and Spatial Computations.

My current teaching areas are:

  • Spatial Computations 100 – an introduction to Python programming specifically aimed into the area of Spatial Sciences;
  • GIS Programming – a Python programming unit, developing Python scripts for ArcGIS;
  • Spatial Algorithms – examining the various different algorithms used when dealing with Spatial data and coding them up using Python; and
  • Web Mapping – introduction to developing and deploying web based maps.

My previous teaching areas are:

At Curtin University:

  • Object Oriented Development 501 – a Postgraduate Unit within the Masters of Information Systems looking at design and development using Object Oriented methods;
  • Software Metrics 400 (formally Software Engineering Tools and Metrics 351/552) – a final year unit within the Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree at Curtin University;
  • Software Technology 151/551 (now Object Oriented Programming Design 100) – an introductory programming unit using Java;
  • Programming 215 – a C programming unit within Mechatronics Engineering Degree; and
  • Engineering Programming 104 – a C programming unit in the Computer and Electrical Engineering Degree.

At the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle:

  • CO230 Design for the Web. A web design unit within the Arts and Sciences School at Notre Dame Fremantle.

At Polytechnic West:

  • Introduction to programming including:
    • Java programming;
    • PHP programming; and
    • JavaScript programming.