Distinguishing the Virtual World from the Real World…

In a Rolling Stone magazine on November 7, 2007 William Gibson stated:

One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real.”

I find this to be a very helpful statement as of late I have begun to hear the changing of terminology. In the past we have spoken of reality and virtual reality. Virtual reality was often thought of as something that was not real, a place to escape and to getaway from reality. If you were in the Virtual Reality World too much you were often looked down upon. This was especially for people of my age, our own generation would judge us.

However, of late I have noticed the changing language. Very rarely do I hear the term “Virtual Reality” used. The term that is being used is “Alternate Reality.” No longer is the digital arena being referred to as something that has an underlying “not real” tone but rather it is referred to as something very real but alternate to that which has traditionally been referred to as reality.

The world that my children will grow up in, and are currently growing up in, is one in which the old perception of virtual reality will not exist but simply these digital areas of our lives will be, and are currently, referred to as simply alternates to what has traditionally been considered reality.

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