It is finally over

On February 12, 2010, I submitted my PhD thesis for examination. Something that was supposed to be completed back in September 2009, well that is at least when I thought it would be done finally came to an end on that Friday in February. Almost 4 years of my life was summed up on just over 300 pages and just under 70000 words. Then it was up to 2 people who I had never met nor even knew existed to decide whether or not it was worthy of granting my the admission in to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Just before the 3 month mark passed, I finally heard. It was a Tuesday afternoon when the BVK called and said that I had passed. The worst thing, the day before I had gone to the Office of Research and Development and enquired as to the status of my thesis and was informed that both examination reports had arrived. However, the person in that office was a little busy writing an email so I would still have to wait for anther day until I heard.

So it is over and I am no longer a student. I will link the thesis to this blog shortly. If you come across this page and you download it to read, please drop  me an email, I would like to know anyone who actually takes the time to download it and then even more if they take the time to even read it.

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